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Cincinnati, Ohio
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What’s on your board?

The nickname Porkopolis was coined around 1835, when Cincinnati was the country's chief hog packing center and herds of pigs traveled the streets. In our tribute to the city we love, our board is in the shape of Ohio with our logo denoting Cincinnati’s place on the map in the lower left corner. We used LaQuercia speck, pancetta, coppa picante and ‘Nduja as well as some of our favorite Ohio cheese like Canal Junction Farm’s Charloe and our homemade pimento. Vermont Creamery Cremont and Prairie Breeze cheddar round out our board with a variety of accouterment such as fig preserves, whole grain mustard, cornichon, olives and peppers. The city skyline is above the board with our famous mascot, the Flying Pig. Our board, city skyline and flying pigs were made by neighbor & craftsman Thane Lorbach Woodworking (@thanelorbach) and created by mongers Jamie Kreines & Emily Frank.