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Mill City Cheesemongers

Lowell, MA
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What’s on your board?

A Celebration of Food, Friendship, and the Right Stuff! Our board features three meats that represent the spectrum of La Quercia's product styles. The accompanying cheeses come from producers who've supported us with their cheesemaking skill and friendship. We tried to create pairings that would highlight the meats' versatility. Prosciutto Americano can balance the sweet, fruity notes of Birchrun Blue and pears or the tangy herbaceous flavors of pickled asparagus, while also standing up to the peppery bite of fresh spring radishes and caperberries. ‘Nduja Americana’s heat contrasts with the richness of Maplebrook Farms’ fresh ricotta and the slight bitterness of endive, and it always brings out the best in a clothbound cheddar like Hafod. Borsellino Salami needs very little accompaniment - a savory sheep cheese like Malacara Curado makes its subtle fennel spice and rich meaty flavors sing. Everything on this board is delicious - but just as important, we know that all of the producers represented here share our values. We’re so proud to tell our customers that this meat and cheese comes from people who care about sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and fair working conditions. Those things matter.