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Market Hall Foods

Oakland, CA
656 out of 20114 votes (3.3%)

What’s on your board?

Our “When Pigs Fly” board is live from Oakland, and how utterly appropriate—La Quercia means “the oak”! We are featuring five different La Quercia delicacies on the board, alongside our favorite accompaniments. The flavor profiles in these meats are salty, sweet and spicy, and we’ve chosen beautifully textured elements to complement these flavors. First we have Speck, which is delicately smoked with a beautiful balance of herbs. Down the center (the body of our butterfly) is ‘Nduja. Next to this flavorful pork spread is Guanciale (who doesn’t love Guanciale!) which, with its creamy, sweet and buttery mouth feel, is wonderful with tomatoes, apricots and olives. We have paired Cypress Grove Purple Haze (decorated with dried flower petals) with all of the meats, as the high acidity in the goat’s milk truly highlights the complexity of these pork products. Prosciutto Piccante is paired with dried Italian Cruschi peppers; they are as snackable as potato chips and, like the Prosciutto Piccante, are perfectly salted with a delicate smoky flavor. Lastly, Prosciutto Americano and the Rustix Salami sticks are perfect to snack on—while sipping on a glass of red wine, of course—in our beautiful “La Quercia Terra” (Oakland) sunshine!