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Grace's Marketplace

Greenvale, New York
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What’s on your board?

WATCH OUR VIDEO — see video button above · Our “Ode to Americana” charcuterie board celebrates our country’s most cherished traditional comfort dishes. To begin, we have a New York classic breakfast, a Bacon & Cheese on a Roll using La Quercia Pancetta Americano (seared), hard boiled eggs, a poppy seed roll and Seattle’s Beecher’s Cheese. Then, we moved on to the beloved pizza- except deconstructed, using La Quercia Prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, Iowa’s Prairie Breeze Cheddar and New Hampshire’s Stonewall’s Pizza Crackers. Plus, we wanted to highlight great American Bar favorites. We grilled Buffalo Chicken Sausage with some crumbled blue cheese, paired it with Pennsylvania Dutch-style Handmade Pretzels, New Jersey’s Macy’s Cheesesticks and La Quercia Borcellino Salami. We are ending our board on a sweet note and what is more American than apple pie! We placed a Triple Crème Brie topped with some fresh Honeycrisp Apples, finished off with the crumbs of a New York crumb cake. Our board is garnished with beautiful figs, oranges from Florida, dried prunes and apricots to bring out vibrant colors. However, we also chose some fresh fruits that celebrates American colors- red, white and blue using strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries against a white Cypress Grove Goat Cheese from California. We also included our favorite Hampton’s Honey as a perfect complement to both the fruits and cheese. Grace’s Marketplace is a family market with strong Italian-American roots. We have used imported European ingredients for decades. However, we are so excited that high quality European-style cured meats are now being made in our back yard, thanks to La Quercia. It was our pleasure to participate in this challenge and showcase American classics using delicious gourmet products made right here in the US!