The 2019 contest closed May 5 at 9pm Eastern


BKLYN Larder

Brooklyn, NY
722 out of 20114 votes (3.6%)

What’s on your board?

BKLYN Larder is focused on bringing seasonal and sustainably sourced foods to Brooklyn and beyond. The theme of our board was "Spicy Spicy Hot!". Cheesemonger Nicole Connelly highlighted La Querica's 'Nduja, Prosciutto Piccante, and Prosciutto Americano, with Casella's Spicy Cacciatorini. Meats were paired along with cheeses to accentuate heat or cool it down: Red Hawk, Stilton, Comte, and Grana Padano. Accompaniments include house-made roasted almonds, Dardiman's Blood Orange Crisps, Askinosie 72%, dry cured olives, and BRINS Chili Pepper Jam. Flowers were foraged from Brooklyn sidewalks, of course! :)