Best in Show

This level of creativity and craft deserves the attention of the experts, so we pulled together a panel of superstar judges who really know what they’re talking about (see below) and they’ve chosen the winners for our three Best in Show categories!! Hats off to the 2019 winners!

Wow Factor: Anchor Meat MarketWow Factor: Anchor Meat Market

Our 2019 Panel of Judges

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Erika Kubick is a monger turned preacher devoted to educating and exciting cheese lovers everywhere. This self-described “Cheese Slut” believes cheese is the sexiest, holiest food in the world and that we should all pleasure ourselves with it every day. She thinks cured meats are pretty great too… Check her out at Cheese Sex Death, a Chicago-based cheese advocacy and events company and follow her on instagram @CheeseSexDeath.


Sarah Hendrix is the co-founder of Lady and Larder,  a fabulous sibling owned and operated shop with a specialty in out-of-this-world party boards. If you haven’t seen their creations, you’re missing out! Follow them on Instagram @ladyandlarder or check them out the next time you’re in LA.


Lilith Spencer is a cheesemaker and photographer at Jasper Hill Farm. She began her cheese career as a monger, spending several years behind the counter at BKLYN Larder before moving to Santa Fe where she found her passion for plattering. She won the San Francisco Cheesemonger Invitational in 2016 and now serves as a judge organizer for CMI. Her cheese platters have been featured by Saveur, Culture, Spoonful Magazine, Real Pants, and Janet Fletcher’s Planet Cheese. Her favorite La Quercia meats to platter with are Tamworth Prosciutto, Coppa Piccante, and Borsellino Salami. Follow her on Instagram @cheesemongrrl.